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Why is a Realtor important for a Home Buyer?

Your decision to buy a home could possibly be the most important one in your lifetime (choosing your spouse would be another) and carries the highest value in terms of money invested. It’s a huge step to invest in a home of your own and relieve yourself of the hassles of a rented one. You will need to ascertain that you take the right steps and make this single largest investment of your life, truly count. Here are 5 major reasons why you would do well to use a Real Estate Agent during this process.

Put your Realtor’s expertise to Best use

Buying or Renting a HOME is easy but locating the Best one, sifting through the available choices and more importantly, negotiating for the right price is the difficult bit. The Realtor has more experience in this field and is critical to the entire process of this major financial transaction that you are about to get into. You are assured of real properties with real sellers when a Realtor is involved.

Don’t pinch pennies. Employ an expert!

You DON’T self-medicate during a serious illness, do you? Likewise, this is a big-ticket decision of your life, and using a professional will prevent a lot of heartburn in the long run. We know you are eyeing the significant amount you could save on the agent’s commission if you went on your own but as the saying goes “Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!”

Relax a while as your Realtor does what he does Best

Your Realtor will always have superior access to the local properties. Fellow realtors are a part of their network and know exactly which homes are for sale, much before than anyone else. Once you share your criteria for choice as a home, the Realtor selects the Best options and arranges the property viewing as per your convenience, saving you Time and Money.

Use the services of a Master Negotiator

After you have selected your preferred Home, it is now time to crunch numbers with the sellers. You and the seller could have a clash of interests while negotiating and could hit a roadblock. With loads of experience in many such negotiations, your Realtor can negotiate on your behalf and clinch the deal for you at the right price. And as he has no emotional attachment involved to the property, he gets you the Best deal.

Find your way thru the legal maze with ease

A vital part of the Home buying process includes the legal formalities that are necessary to complete the financial transaction. Various Government rules have to be complied with and necessary payments and taxes have to be paid. The Real estate agent/Realtor is well-versed with the contract preparation and liaise with the authorities with reassuring familiarity.

He/she will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken and certify a hassle-free transaction for both the involved parties, as the agent will benefit financially when the deal is sealed.

Okay, let’s wrap it up!

While purchasing a property, select an Agent who is a crack negotiator and knows the neighborhood well. Despite the proliferation of countless online property sites, it is the reassuring presence of a trustworthy Realtor by your side that is comforting, someone who has your Best interests at Heart. A professional Realtor will be the right person to have with you when it is the moment of truth and he can bail you out of tough situations too if the need arises

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